What is Impotence and the Viagra Solution

Impotence and the generic Viagra Solution

No matter how technologically advanced and sophisticated human beings may become socially speaking, they cannot afford to lose their natural instinctive characteristics. If they do so, they will no long have the effects they have on their fellow human beings. Hence, natural instincts such as the sexdrive are necessary to all human beings. Those who suffer from a lack of this drive have been known to feel inferior to other individuals.

This in fact is a natural reaction to other individuals having the upper hand and being more dominant. Having said this, it must be realized that those suffering with impotence are often demeaned by others who know about it, and as a result, these individuals are further psychologically affected. Generally speaking, the causes are the result of psychological of physical disturbance. This is the reason why impotence is said to be a condition rather than a disease.

Often, diseases are responsible for impotence. Natural dysfunctions within the body are also known to cause impotence too. Diabetes is one that is known to cause impotence in men and women too. However, generally, it is males who tend to suffer more with impotence than women. This is because they need to be more charged for an erection to take place. The following three failures disallow erection:

  1. Failure to ‘start-off’ is because of impaired release of the chemical messages sent via the nervous system.
  2. Failure to accumulate results from inadequate blood flow into the penis.
  3. Failure to store is due to leakage in the veins; blood is released too quickly from the penis, and leak back into the body.

Keeping the above in mind, it must be asserted that in most cases, impotence is physical rather than psychological as stated earlier. The above three failure could be the result of diabetes (as mentioned earlier), high blood pressure, stroke or prostate disease, etc. In particular it must be noted that diseases of the blood vessels (vascular disease) is the chief cause of impotence. Quite evidently, treating these diseases would help cure impotence. However, people often resort to measures that do not target treatment of their diseases; they often go for increasing their sex-drive directly. This is inappropriate, as the root of the problem is not removed, and one might eventually succumb to his of her disease if left unattended. However, the following are still applied to those who suffer with impotence:

  1. Drug therapy
  2. Penile implants
  3. Vacuum erection device
  4. Injection therapy
  5. Urethral suppository
  6. Psychotherapy

Drug therapy with Generic Viagra

Generic Viagra

When we go online and search for the word “Viagra” we are bombarded with information. The information is related not only to Pfizer’s Viagra but also the generic version of Viagra increasingly popular for patients who prefer to take Viagra at regular intervals.

Viagra is a prescription medicine that may be too expensive for many people to buy. The US health system is such that the FDA goes out of its way to protect the consumer —the tests, insurance and taxes for every pill launched causes the price to increase at a radical rate!

While the FDA has the patients best in mind sometimes its safeguards prove too expensive and consumers must turn to better and less expensive alternatives which, is where the Generic Viagra version of Pfizer’s miracle pill comes into play.

It is a fact that the Generic Viagra available online is the same Sildenafil Citrate, that is found in Pfizer’s Viagra. It helps in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and the difference is simply in the packaging and the price.

You can save up to 50% when you buy Generic Viagra. There are two main forms of Generic Viagra are commonly known as Caverta and Veega. These are manufactured through World Health Organization standards and are safe in terms of consumption. Caverta is usually made in Ranbaxy Laboratories renown for creating popular generic prescription medications.

Since generic Viagra is as effective as Pfizer’s Viagra and available at half the cost it would be prudent to state that Generic Viagra is the best alternative for Pfizer’s Viagra.
Consider these advantages:

  • Generic Viagra requires no prescription
  • Allows for Free online consultations
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